Bellevue Welder Makes Impressive Art


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Bellevue Welder Makes Impressive Art

By John Maino. CREATED Oct 3, 2013

Bellevue, WI -- Carl Vanderheyden of Bellevue is not just a man with a welder. He's more like an artist with a vision.

"Actually I saw a photo of a bison in the middle of Montana out in a field somewhere, and it was made with scrap pieces of metal. The guy just added pieces and made this thing. I thought, that's me, that's my style right there," said Vanderheyden. 

It's a vision not honed in any classroom.

"Never took an art class in my life," he said.

Vanderheyden is a former carpenter who knows the essence of creating.

"I know how to build things. I know how to make things I love, creating things, but there's not a lot floating around up here. I need a picture. I need a model." 

Models, literally, well sort of.

"I couldn't find a woman to stand around in the middle of my garage in the middle of winter, so I bought a mannequin and took measurements off of her."

His creations are comprised of what others would toss out. 

"When I used to make things, the stuff that fell to the ground was the most valuable stuff. The scrap from the scrap made my most amazing pieces," explains Vanderheyden.

Some are abstract, some really creative. Carl describes a vulture he made.

"It is fun creating it and watching it come together, especially when the pieces fall in place and it looks fantastic." 

You can see Carl's creations at the corner of Bellevue Street and Hoffman Road in Bellevue.