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The Maino Project: Local Wrestler in WWE


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The Maino Project: Local Wrestler in WWE

By NBC26 Staff. CREATED May 23, 2013

Pro wrestling, what is that sport really like?  You have the good guys, you have the villains, but what about outside the ring?  Well you might be suprised to find out they're actually pretty normal guys, like one former local resident, who made it pretty big in the world of wrestling.

During his days at Two Rivers Washington High School, Ken Anderson found a wy to make his presense known.

"I was chosen as most likely to get into the entertainment business," said Ken Anderson.

Being a part of the entertainment business is exactly what Anderson did.  He was a part of the WWE and during those days he was known as Mister Kennedy.
Now a days he goes by his real name.  After a dispute with WWE, he moved to another circuit where the venues may be a little cozier, but the passion remains the same.
"My whole life I wanted to act, and then, when I finally discovered wrestling I realized it was a combination of acting, storytelling, and athleticism all rolled into one," said Anderson.
Although he did think it was going to be the silver screen, instead of the square circle.
"I never thought I'd be into pro wrestling, wearing tights and shaving my body and wearing baby oil pretending to fight other grown men," said Anderson, but that's exactly what he did. Though the punches are pulled, the accidents are common.
"That's one thing people think, that you got like, chicken blood underneath their arm but whenever you see blood in pro wrestling, it's real blood," said Anderson.
If you don't believe him, check his medical report.
"In my face, I've probably had about, over a hundred stitches and staples and those sorts of things," said Anderson.
Anderson says the payoff for this type of work is worth it though.
"At the end of the day, it's about the crowd reaction, and it's like a drug," said Anderson.