The Maino Project: Basement Arcade


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The Maino Project: Basement Arcade

By Katie Kozak. CREATED Apr 4, 2013

One Green Bay man doesn't have to travel far to find a bevy of his favorite games. In fact, all he has to do is head downstairs.

Bradley Czech's basement is truly a video gamers paradise. He says he got his first game when he was 13-year-old. "Since then, it just sort of accumulated to this massive collection. But I've always enjoyed the feel of the old games, to have them in your home is a great experience and you just don't see them anymore," he says.

Since he bought his first game, there have 199 more.

"I collect stuff from 1976 to 1984. We're talking about games like pong, pac man, laser disc, every time it was something new."

Games that nudged their way into life outside the arcade with lunch boxes, sleeping bags, everything you think of, pop culture at the time."

"I remember going to the Gold Mine downtown Port Plaza Mall."

It would be tough for Czech to maintain the games, if his wife didn't enjoy them too. "You don't know how many times people have said I would love to have one, but my wife would kill me. My wife loves them, she plays the games more than I do."

If you're looking to try out any of the games, Czech will have them on display at the Neville Museum from May 25th through September 2nd.