Partners in Education: Students at Jefferson Elementary are College Bound

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Partners in Education: Students at Jefferson Elementary are College Bound

By Brie Groves. CREATED Feb 18, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI --  It's official, students at Jefferson Elementary are college bound! From the moment they enter into school the staff makes sure every student, no matter what their background is, knows they can reach their goals thanks to a College Bound program. The program gets a hold of kids at young age where their minds are still being molded and helps to get them excited for their futures.

"It seems like an easier way to life," he may only be 9 years old, but Quentan Bottorff is college bound. The 4Th grader says his family is already saving money so he can live out his dream of playing basketball at UW Oshkosh. The school just so happens to be the Alma mater of his teacher, Mrs. Woldt. Woldt has become a big voice in getting her students prepared with the College Bound program, "It's everything if you have a college degree because your possibilities are limitless" she explains.

After teaching in high school ,with a feeling that it was just too late to build many of the students aspirations of college, Woldt found herself among a much more reachable crowd. She says, "You have to start in kindergarten, get it in their brain that they are college bound no matter where they come from and that they just need to work hard in school work hard in their community and they can get there."

Encouragement can be found on the walls of each classroom throughout Jefferson Elementary. In fact, the doorways are painted in colors representing different colleges around the nation, bright colored t-shirts reading the words "College Bound" can be found each Friday and a time line in the classrooms helps the students visualize the steps they need to take to get there. Woldt says it helps them, "See it is a long way from where they are now, but it is a planning process."

The school also puts on monthly assemblies to get the kids excited for their futures. they bring in area college students to talk with each of the kids. Quentan says, "They teach us stuff that you can do when you go to college and there are so many choices."

Missy Snyder says it's College Bound that's kept those aspirations alive for her first grade daughter, Ruby. "She knows that she wants to go to college. She knows that she wants to succeed to go to college. She knows it's hard work, but she she always says she wants to be a teacher."

Missy says Ruby is a rock star in math and loves her music, but what really helps her daughter excel is the school's true push for success. Each year to give students a leg up  community volunteers provide a $1,000 scholarship.