Partners in Education: Students Restoring a Building


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Partners in Education: Students Restoring a Building

By Brie Groves. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

Green Bay, WI -- 12 students from Green Bay's West and Southwest high schools are gaining hands on knowledge in the construction field. It's all thanks to a major partnership with NWTC, Neighbor-Works and the Brown County Builders Association.   

Young men and women have been bearing the cold to gain a little experience in home construction and help in the community. They're rescuing a home in desperate need of restoration and building a garage from scratch.
"You're measuring from the outside of the plywood right now," said Kyle Wagner.
Wagner says past teachers are the reason he went into the field.
"I really wanted to impact students lives and show them the opportunities that are available for them."
Wagner is now an  instructor at Green Bay West High School and models his classes in ways that the students will respond.
"They really love the opportunity to work with their hands and construct something that is tangible."
Junior Katie Clark is learning piece by piece what it takes to build a garage from the ground up. She says she's been interested in woodworking since her first class in 6th grade and now construction has become somewhat of a hobby.
"Who knows if I'm going to ever own my own house and have to do stuff like this, I'll know how to do it," said Clark.
Last month, the 12 students in Wagner's class were given an opportunity to partner up with Neighbor Works and use their school year to remodel a home and build a garage. It's giving them experience in fields like architecture and home construction.
"It's like coming to a real life job each day. They come here do work, leave at the end of two hours and go back to the classroom."
The garage and house are located right off of Ashland Avenue in one of Green Bay's busiest areas.
"They can see the progress that they're making and when they're done with the product look at what they've accomplished. They've made an impact on the community as well."
For Katie, the finished project will be the result of a job well done.
"It's going to be great to drive past and know that I made that garage for them."
The students are also earning college credits for their work. Once the house is completely renovated in January of next year, Neighbor Works Green Bay will rent out the two family home.