Partners in Education: Preparing for the Future

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Partners in Education: Preparing for the Future

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Apr 2, 2012

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Appleton, WI - For many, choosing a career path was one of the most important decisions we ever had to make. Now, some Neenah middle schoolers are getting a head start, by learning what interests them before they even set foot inside a high school.

Last week, more than 3,000 eighth graders from 25 different middle schools came together in Appleton for the Fox Cities Career Fair.

"It's kind of like a guidance. It's really cool. I saw a lot of cool things today," said Ryan.

"It was cool. It was definitely fun," said Brad.

Students from Shattuck Middle School in Neenah know the importance of planning for the future. They're taking part in Neenah's Career Guidance Program, where counselors help them plan and discover what they want to be when they grow up.

"We fill out many tests, and it kind of makes a pathway to where we want to go... and that helps a lot, because it's kind of hard if you're just all alone and you don't know what to do," said Talia.

"It really shows you what you like -- your interests.. and actually how to achieve that," Ryan said.

After attending the career fair, many students say they already have a good idea of what the future has in store.

"I really want to be a forensic pathologist or a doctor," said Talia.

"Hopefully, an economics degree -- and maybe a financial analyst. My dad's a financial analyst," Ryan said.

"I want to go into the military and preferably be a pilot," said Brad.

Neenah's guidance program includes one-on-one conferences, four-year planning components, and even a pathway program to help students explore different career fields. Counselors say it's an important and successful program that the school district is proud of.