Partners in Education: Marathon of Knowledge


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Partners in Education: Marathon of Knowledge

By Brie Groves. CREATED Feb 25, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI -- Every school has one form of fundraiser or another, at Martin Elementary, while the kids are raising money they're also raising the bar of knowledge.

The Marathon of Knowledge is Martin Elementary schools biggest fundraiser. It's an all day event getting students, parents and staff involved. Fifth grader Emily Metcalf explains that, "Grade by grade goes down to the gym and people are asking the kids questions and they just feed throughout the day."

Emily is just one of the many students that came prepared for the big day. Classmate, Sam Gretzinger says, "You have 100 questions and you need to answer them, but you get practice sheet to take home with you before hand." Emily says she does get a bit nervous, but, "It gives you extra knowledge that you might not learn this year or it gives you a head-start on what you will learn later in the year."

As part of the annual event all students are assigned 100 questions from the school's curriculum and they go out and ask their family and friends to give them pledges to learn the answers. Principal Carrie Shepherd says, "We usually make about 12-thousand dollars of our pledges and it helps fund technology here and field trips and pretty much everything our Parent Organization does."

She says they plan to use the funds from this year toward technology upgrades. Shepherd says she's not only excited to raise money, but excited to have an event that gets parents involved directly with the students.  "A lot of parents find the 4Th and 5Th grade questions to be really challenging and don't realize that their kids are learning some of these challenging topics."

To make sure they know each and every answer, the teachers create classroom games like jeopardy. "It's like your actually on the show," says Sam. Making  learning a lot more interesting explains Emily, "Sometimes you just get a little bored with a book because your on your own and the questions get all mixed up in different categories."