NBC26 Cares: Searching for a Home: Saving Paws Hopes Naomi Finds Forever Home


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NBC26 Cares: Searching for a Home: Saving Paws Hopes Naomi Finds Forever Home

By Stacy Engebretson. CREATED Oct 23, 2013

APPLETON -- An animal rescue group in Appleton needs your help. They saved a young dog that was next in line to be euthanized at an out of state shelter. Tonight, with lots of TLC, she's now ready to find her forever home.

Naomi is a one-year-old black lab mix. Her journey to Northeast Wisconsin has been anything but easy. At first glace, she looks like any other energetic puppy. "She loves people and loves other dogs," says Naomi's caregiver Sara Miller.

But if it wasn't for Saving Paws Animal Rescue in Appleton, Naomi likely wouldn't be alive. "I think this is probably the worst one that I've seen," says Glenda Stadler, a dog volunteer with Saving Paws. "I mean I've seen some abuse cases and some neglect, but her case was very very different."

While Naomi awaited transport to Wisconsin from a high kill shelter in Kentucky, something mysterious happened. "When she arrived to us, she had no movement in her back, so she could barely move at all," says Miler.

Multiple tests provided no answers for the cause of her paralysis. "We had volunteers come out two or three times a day to work with her. To get her in her wheelchair, get her going, doing exercises with her, clean her bed sores out. She's had a lot of love from a lot of people," Stadler says.

Those people include Miller, who's provided a caring foster home to Naomi for the past two and a half month. Now, through regular exercises, antibiotics, and a lot of compassion, Naomi beat the odds. "I went in one day," Stadler says. "And she was actually standing on all four legs and I was just, like, screaming and yelling and nobody was here. I was the only one here and all the animals were looking at me like there was something wrong."

It's the miracle they all fought so hard for. Now, Naomi is ready to be adopted, but will need a patient and understanding family who's willing to help her with a bladder issue. "She's had a rough start at life and she really deserves to have somebody who really can show her what a real companion to animals people can be," says Miller.

"She's going to show someone that, 'look at where I was and look at where I am today. You can do this.' She may give that person that adopts her that little extra motive to do something that they may not be able to do," Stadler says.

Naomi's fighting spirits is what inspires these volunteers to keep advocating for animals like her.

"She's a special girl. She's a fighter and she just wants to be loved," says Stadler.

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Saving Paws is hosting a Holiday Miracle event next month. This is one of the rescue's most important fundraisers because it helps them have the resources to rescue even more animals. For more deatils on that event, click here.