Wisconsin Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit Gets Day in Court


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Wisconsin Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit Gets Day in Court

By Megan Lowry. CREATED Aug 25, 2014

GREEN BAY, Wis--The debate over Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriage will be heard in THE Federal 7th Circuit County of Appeals in Chicago Tuesday. The state is appealing a previous ruling by a judge calling the state's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional in June.  

Dozens of people in support of same-sex marriage boarded buses in Madison, Milwaukee and Racine to head to Chicago. Stacie Christian says she will be watching the court closely home, " We just want to be equal, we are not asking for more or less," said Christian. Stacie and her wife, Julie, were the third couple married in Brown County back in June. "Later that week, we weren't considered to be married anymore and it's a very emotional roller coaster," said Christian. 

Christian says after being together for 21 years and raising a family they are hoping to finally be able to enjoy the legal rights of being married. 

But supports of Wisconsin's constitutional ban says the lawsuit is about more than defining marriage. Julaine Appling with Wisconsin Family Action says it's about keeping the rights of states. "This is very necessary step in our perspective to aggressively defend the will of the people and the institution of marriage in Wisconsin's constitution," said Appling

The case will be held in conjunction with a similar lawsuit in Indiana. There is now time line for when the court will make a decision.