Wal-Mart to Revisit Green Bay Store


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Wal-Mart to Revisit Green Bay Store

By Katie Kozak. CREATED Nov 18, 2013

 GREEN BAY -- The City of Green Bay and Mayor Jim Schmitt are meeting with Walmart leaders tomorrow to revisit the idea of a store in downtown.

Mayor Schmitt has been concerned about the idea from the start, but both parties recently took a tour of the city to see if there's a compromise to be had. Walmart released a statement today saying quote, "We thank Mayor Schmitt for taking the time to meet with Walmart and suggesting alternate sites for a new Walmart store in Green Bay. Since our meeting with Mayor Schmitt and his staff on October 24, we have diligently researched the viability of the alternate sites and evaluated how well they could serve our customers' needs. We look forward to continuing the discussion in our follow up meeting," says company spokesperson Delia Garcia.

The mayor says Whole Foods has also expressed interest in the original Walmart site.