Walmart introduces "game-changing" element to city leaders


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Walmart introduces "game-changing" element to city leaders

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED May 5, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI --Wal-Mart puts a new plan in front of Green Bay city leaders for the controversial store proposed downtown. The new plan adds more value to the property by allowing the city to take-over a small portion for other development.

Wal-Mart's new plan would give the city a small parcel of land off Kellogg Street to develop as the city chooses, and there's also the possibility to develop the air space above Wal-Mart's proposed parking lot.

New Wal-Mart renderings have not yet been released. But, besides a much more historic exterior --made out of red brick --Wal-Mart wants to designate part of the 15 acre Larsen Green parcel for more development.

"We created an outlot parcel on that property which allows them to create some more density and some additional land value," said Wal-Mart spokesperson, Lisa Nelson.

But the store would still be 150 thousand square feet. The mayor says while the downtown plan does not call for a big box store, he sees possibilities with an outlot:

"Could be a fast food or the daytime shelter, I'm not sure what they're going to do with that," said Mayor Jim Schmitt.

But the mayor says Wal-Mart could do even more.

"There's been some very unique things that we showed that we showed them again today that they've done in other markets where they've incorporated a Wal-Mart store as part of a much larger development," said Schmitt.

City leaders see potential for a mixed use pedestrian friendly development. They're asking themselves if Wal-Mart's latest proposal is what's best for the downtown.

"You have a large single story building with a lot of parking spaces. Is that the best use long-term," said Green Bay planning and community development director, Kim Flom. 

There's no set timeline for when the city and Wal-Mart could meet again. Green Bay recently elected four new aldermen to city council. This new proposal could change some of their mind. The last time the Wal-Mart proposal was up for a vote, it was shot down, unanimously.