Visitors Flock to Algoma's Scenic Shoreline


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Visitors Flock to Algoma's Scenic Shoreline

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Jan 9, 2014

ALGOMA - We've all had our fair share of frustrations with the recent cold, but the frigid temperatures have created something beautiful along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

"The last couple of days, we really have seen an uptick in traffic," said Joy Krieger, executive director of the Algoma Chamber of Commerce.

Artist Teri Bartel made the trip from Green Bay Thursday to see Algoma's frozen ice formations up close.

"I just want to take pictures and then try to develop the pictures and see if I can bring out some of the color," she said.

"Even on the days like Monday and Tuesday when it was horribly cold, you really could see a lot of people walking around out here -- which kind of amazed me," said Krieger.

The frigid temperatures have created conditions for the icebergs to grow over ten feet high.

"To me, it looks like sparkles -- especially as I look to the south. It just looks like these beautiful sparkling diamonds that are right next to the water," said Bartel.