UWGB Public Safety Using License Plate Recognition Cameras


Video by nbc26.com

UWGB Public Safety Using License Plate Recognition Cameras

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Jul 31, 2013

 GREEN BAY, WI- UW Green Bay Police are installing a new security system on campus. Officers using license plate recognition cameras to catch parking violators and criminals.

On college campuses nationwide security always a high priority. UWGB police taking that to the next level with a new license plate camera system to prevent parking issues, but more importantly the system will help keep students safe. 

"We can look for stolen vehicles, stolen license plates so that those vehicles aren't used for their crimes," says Officer Tony Decker.
About 1.3 million license plates from the state of Wisconsin uploaded into their database. 
Police patrol the area scanning every car parked on campus keeping unwanted visitors away. 
"They may have a restraining order against someone who is on campus. So it gives us the ability just to verify whether that person should be here or shouldn't be here," says Chief of Police Tom Kujawa.
Right now UWGB police are testing the system. They plan to start using the cameras at the start of the 2014 school year.