Traffic Problems for Country USA


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Traffic Problems for Country USA

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jun 25, 2014

OSHKOSH, Wis.- 23-year-old Brian Mancl of Wautoma remained in critical condition Wednesday after being hit by a pick-up truck near Country USA.  

The truck was driven by a 17-year-old boy when it hit three pedestrians. 20-year-old Bobbie Kay Bush of Eureka and 22-year-old James Neitzel of Neshkoro were treated and released from a nearby hospital. Mancl was flown to a hospital in Madison.

Campers on the Country USA grounds say they're not surprised something like this happened.
"People were like cutting almost you know trying to fly around you and then everyone was going everywhere," said Ashley Manso, a camper at Country USA.
People describe getting on and off the festival grounds as hectic.
"It's a little chaotic the way they've got some of it organized," said Rhonni Anaya as she waits in line to see the first singers.
Officers with the Oshkosh Police say they're trying their best to keep people safe, but with record crowds this year there's only so much they can do.
"We reduce the speed limit down to 25 miles per hour.  We do have the Wisconsin State Patrol and all our squads are out here," said Oshkosh crime prevention officer, Joe Nichols.
Officers are reminding people to slow down and drivers to be on alert.
"Stay off the roadway if you're walking and if you're driving watch out for the pedestrians.  If you can wear something brightly colored so everybody can see you," said officer Nichols.
Police are hoping people listen to there advice so they don't have another tragic accident this year.
Officers are interviewing witnesses to find out what caused the accident.  The 17-year-old driver is cooperating with the investigation.