Thanksgiving Parade Raises Money for Boy with Retinoblastoma

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Thanksgiving Parade Raises Money for Boy with Retinoblastoma

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Nov 28, 2013

JACKSONPORT, Wis.-  With a brief call to attention the Jacksonport 17th annual Thanksgiving parade got underway this morning.

"It's just a group of community members of all of Door County that get together with their family members," said parade spokesperson, Jill Lautenbach.

Dozens of people lined the streets to watch the floats go by and see the band play.  The Jacksonport parade is more than just a thanksgiving holiday parade though, it also benefits a member of their community.

This year, parade organizers are raising funds for a 5-year-old boy named Cruz.  He's suffers from a form of cancer called Retinoblastoma, impairing his vision in his left eye.

"The biggest thing is going back and forth to Philadelphia.  We're flying every month, we've been traveling there every month and we have to stay for 4 or 5 days every time that we go," said Cruz's mom, Robin Anschutz.

Cruz is getting treatment in Philadelphia and his mom says the travel gets expensive.  Parade organizers hope to be able to help with the cost of those trips.

"We will raise anything we can get because it's more than they had yesterday," said Lautenbach.

Parade watchers say raising funds for someone in need is what makes this parade unique. 

"I think it's just terrific that our community can contribute and we have a good time doing it," said Dona Anderson of Jacksonport, who donated to Cruz's family.

The parade goes through the street twice, people donated each time to the collection buckets, for a thanksgiving parade truly about giving to families who are so thankful for their community.