Teachers Help Students with Reading Skills Through New Program


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Teachers Help Students with Reading Skills Through New Program

By Brie Groves. CREATED Nov 22, 2013

BONDUEL, Wis.-- The more kids read at home, the more it becomes a part of their lives and a program in Bonduel is showing to be rather effective. It helps students to reach their full potential, with a little incentive along the way.

The Bearific Reading Program is set up to encourage students to do more reading at home. Outside of the school day and there's a little incentive along the way. "Reading is the basis of any other subject," Kris Wondra of the Bearific Reading Program explains. "Math is reading problems, Science Social studies, everything in our lives is reading based."

So getting more books in the hands of students has become the priority of parents and staff in the Blondel school district. "If you like something that's non-fiction go with one of those," Colette Deveau reveals.

In the Bearific Reading Program students are assigned a calendar to track how much they read at home  They're given a goal of 15 minutes a night. If they read more than 30 nights each quarter they get to pick out a free book. "It's kind of like Christmas," Jill Giesler tells us. "The kids are really excited to get a new book."

And the excitement is partly because staff has assured that the tables are filled with books specific to the kids interests.

Second grader Collet Deveau is an avid reader. She says she often exceeds the goal of 15 minutes. In fact Bearific has played a key role how quick of a page turner she's become. "I've like read a book and finished it in one hour."

There's no better feeling for a teacher than to see lessons truly sticking, "Oh "it's wonderful the kindergarten and 1st grade. Giesler says. "They take off with their reading and now I totally understand why I'm learning these letters and sounds and putting them together. It Kinda gives you goosebumps. This is really an entire group effort."