Taxpayers Association Speaks Out Against Green Bay Referendum


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Taxpayers Association Speaks Out Against Green Bay Referendum

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

BROWN COUNTY - The Brown County Taxpayers Association is speaking out against Green Bay's school referendum.

The school district is asking voters for $20 million to help with school maintenance that leaders say is desperately needed.

"We believe the projects in the referendum are necessary projects that need to be done, but they should be paid for on an annual basis. These are basic maintenance and upkeep type of projects," said Rod Goldhahn, Vice President of the Brown County Taxpayers Association. "The board, over the years, has under-funded the regular maintenance items, and then has come back to the taxpayers on a regular basis and asked to borrow, via a referendum, to pay for the regular upkeep. And we don't believe that's a sound fiscal policy."

The Green Bay Area School District disagrees, saying this is a "fiscally responsible" referendum.

"We have been increasing our maintenance budget. In the last 4 years, we have done 11.8 million dollars of maintenance projects through our general fund," said Facility Planning & Maintenance Director Mike Stangel. He adds the projects included in the referendum are major building upgrades -- projects that simply could not be funded through the regular operating budget.

In the end, it will be voters who decide whether the referendum will move forward when they head to the polls April 1st.