Tall Ship Festival Comes to Green Bay


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Tall Ship Festival Comes to Green Bay

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Aug 16, 2013

 GREEN BAY, Wis.-Today the gates opened at Leicht Memorial Park and people were lined up outside waiting to get in.

Nine historic ships from the 19th Century line the shoreline of the Fox River at Leicht Memorial Park.  The captain of the Flagship Niagra, Walter Rybka enjoys welcoming people onto his ship.

"It's something that nobody else gets to do very much it's a very rare opportunity to learn something about this and to be out at sea," said Rybka.

Sharing stories of life at sea for months at a time is an eye opening experience for those taking the tour.

"The living is pretty rugged in that it's just a hammock birth and a communal space in the birth deck, low head room, no showers.  If we're underway people will have to shower by standing under a hose," said Rybka.

Green Bay is just one of thirteen stops these ships make on their Great Lakes Tour.  It's the only city in Wisconsin they will be going to, but there's a reason why they come here.

"The crew has really felt that the Green Bay community even just last night spending one night here has found it very entertaining and very embracing," said PMI Entertainment Group member, Cora Haltaufderheid.

People boarding the ships leave with big smiles and crowds keep pouring in ,all things Rybka says he likes to see.

"It's a fairly small city, but it's a pretty big festival," said Rybka.

The Tall Ship Festival is going on now through Sunday with tours from 9 to 5 each day.  New this year, nigh time entertainment from 6 to 9, no tours will be available, but you'll be able to see the majestic ships docked on the Fox River.