Search for Attempted Sexual Assault Suspect in Waupaca Co.


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Search for Attempted Sexual Assault Suspect in Waupaca Co.

By Katie Kozak. CREATED Aug 19, 2014

TOWNSHIP OF LARRABEE --  The Waupaca County Sheriff's Department is asking for your help tonight to find a man accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman on County Highway O near Clintonville.

An 18-year-old woman says she was walking to Clintonville when a man in a four-door, dark blue or black pick-up truck offered her a ride. It happened just before 10pm Monday night on Highway O between US Highway 45 and Baerenwald Road. She says once she was in the truck, the man started making advances and tearing off her clothes.

The suspect is described as in his late 30s or early 40s, weighs around 300 pounds, and is balding with a dark mustache. The victim says he also has an accent or speech problem.

The truck is described as having a tan interior and a topper the same black or dark blue color as the truck. It also has rosary beads with a cross hanging from the rear view mirror and a white decal on the rear, passenger-side window of the boy "Calvin" peeing on something.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Waupaca County Sheriff's Department.