Saving on Back to School Shopping


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Saving on Back to School Shopping

By Mike Conroy. CREATED Jul 29, 2014

 GREEN BAY, Wis- No matter what grade your child is in notebooks, pencils, and new clothes can add pressure to the family budget. But Brown County UW-Extension Family Living Educator Judy Knudsen says if you plan ahead back to school shopping doesn't have to break your budget. "Just doing a quick inventory of your house to check what you already have before you go shopping can save you some money," said Knudsen. Kundsen says some items can be reused,"Scissors, lunch bags, and backpacks can be used from year to year," she added.   

Knudsen says also give your self a budget and know how much you can spend."Give your kids a certain amount of money and that's the amount they use to purchase items like tennis shoes so they get to make the decisions," said Knudsen.