Salvation Army Provides Christmas Assistance


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Salvation Army Provides Christmas Assistance

By Josh Hughes. CREATED Dec 18, 2013

Green Bay --  Christmas shopping done a little differently at ShopKo Hall and Santa Claus not your typical chubby man with rosy red cheeks.  Instead volunteers made up of families, student groups, and community organizations playing the part.

The Salvation Army doing the best they can, handing out toys, books, and food to over 2,000 families through the Christmas Assistance Program.

Ashley Arndt shopping for her son and daughter, knows they're going to appreciate the presents just as much as she does.

"Salvation Army really comes through and helps because I know I can't afford to buy them a lot and just this little bit that they help, they're going to be so excited, they're going to be so happy," says Arndt.

The Salvation Army also working with local organizations in the adopt a family program, giving families who are in need of a little more than just presents but household items as well.

Major Robin Sheils says, "This really is our opportunity as a community to come alongside families who struggle.  To make sure that their children might have more than one toy under the tree."
For the 30 plus years of this program, it's the gratitude that brings eveyrone back.