Safety First for Shoppers on 'Black Friday'

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Safety First for Shoppers on 'Black Friday'

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Nov 13, 2013

GRAND CHUTE, Wis. -- The Grand Chute Fire Department is making sure shoppers are safe this Black Friday.  They're starting inspections now, going through stores looking for security and safety hazards.  They're trying to cut down on problems before the stores get too busy with shoppers.

Tons of people packing the stores is what the Grand Chute Fire Department expects to see in two weeks for Black Friday.

"They (shoppers) just rush into the store thinking that there's only a certain number of items available at that price," said Grand Chute Fire Prevention Specialist, Jesse Pickett.

With so many people shopping, crowd control becomes an issue.  That's where law enforcement and the fire department step in to help.

"We're just trying to take a proactive approach, letting the stores know we're out there in case they need help with anything," said Pickett.

As the Grand Chute Fire Department inspects Scheels they look for specific things.  They're making sure aisles are clear, exit signs are easily visible and sprinklers aren't covered with boxes.

"The police and fire department do routine checks of the store on an annual basis and they make sure that everything is up to code," said Scheels assistant manager, Todd Wagner.

The fire department is even adding extra staff for Black Friday to handle crowds.

"This year we're sending a full engine company out to the mall area just so they can handle any traffic accidents and accident clean ups," said Pickett.

Crews will also be monitoring crowds and making sure exits stay open.  It's all in an effort to keep people safe while they shop for the holidays.