Sen. Ron Johnson Lawsuit Against Obamacare Heard in Federal Court


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Sen. Ron Johnson Lawsuit Against Obamacare Heard in Federal Court

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jul 7, 2014

 GREEN BAY, Wis.- State Republican Senator Ron Johnson could be seen shaking hands before he entered the courtroom today.  The Senator says he's feeling confident in his case.

"I'm encouraged by our briefs. the motions and the responses and I'm very encouraged by the fact that this judge is taking this very seriously," said Senator Johnson.

The judge was asking multiple questions from both sides of the argument, trying to get a clear picture of what's at stake.  

James Luh is the attorney for the Department of Justice.  He declined an on camera interview, but argued in court that Senator Ron Johnson is not being harmed by this law, therefore the case should be thrown out, but Johnson disagrees.

"Americans hate it because it is so grossly unfair when members of Congress, the people that rule them, are exempt from the laws that they impose on everybody else," said Johnson.

However Luh argues the Senator does not need to participate in the health care program.  Johnson is being represented by Rick Esenberg with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.  They will have to prove harm is being done in order for this case to proceed in court.

The judge did not give any time-line or indicate how soon he would issue a ruling on Senator Johnson's lawsuit.