Rodgers Makes Appearance on "Packers Live"


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Rodgers Makes Appearance on "Packers Live"

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Nov 18, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI- The star quarterback for the Green and Gold making his first TV appearance since his injury three weeks ago. Aaron Rodgers talking about his return and leaving fans wondering when he'll be back.

But they walked away a little disappointed as Rodgers addressed the matter briefly saying the injury is not like any other he's ever had.

"I'm going to be back when I'm ready. When there's a very low risk of re-injuring that." says Rodgers.

Number twelve also showing his support for quarterback Scott Tolzien.

"He's going to have a good week this week and he'll be ready to play," says Rodgers.
And telling the crowd the secret behind the mustache.
"For me it's a way to raise awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer," says Rodgers.
Rodgers also told the crowd his favorite commercial he's done is the discount double check spot with B.J. Raji.