Public Forum on Deer Trustee Report


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Public Forum on Deer Trustee Report

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Oct 24, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI- The state's gun-deer season is less than a month away and the DNR is collecting public input on some changes. In one of 35 meetings hunters were able to voice their concerns and recommendations regarding the deer trustee report. The report is a year long project made by "deer czar", James Kroll to improve herd management. 

"Relates to the seasons, as it relates to the management unit and what metrics we use to monitor the deer population," says district wildlife expert Jeff Pritzl.
Instead of the department overseeing all management of the deer, hunters will get a say as well. Some  say that's a better way to control the population. 
"People didn't believe what the DNR was telling them as to how many deer were in the area."
But others like Dick Baudhuin say the count should stay science-based.
"I see the only one that's going to be left at the table with a strong voice is the deer hunter," says Baudhuin.
The public also voicing their concerns on the holiday hunt which will be expanded to the southern two-thirds of the state.
"Property could be closed off because of the fact that there's hunting going on."
All hearings will be done by the end of this month. All comments will be reviewed and changes could be made in mid-December.