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Proposed Cell Phone Ban For Green Bay


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Proposed Cell Phone Ban For Green Bay

By Paul Evansen. CREATED Feb 24, 2014

 Green Bay--  A Green Bay Alderman wants to ban the use of any electronics while driving within city limits.  This after he was nearly hit himself by a driver preoccupied by their phone.  "I think it makes common sense to actually do something as a safety measure for our citizens" says District One Alderman Jerry Wiezbiskie "not only the people who are driving cars, but the people who are waking and biking."  Marshfield and Wisconsin Rapids already have cell phone bans in place and Wausau just initiated their own city wide ban on Friday.  Police there say it's not only a matter of safety but also awareness.  "We think it's important to put up signage so that visitors know we are a cell phone free community" says Captain Ben Bliven with the City of Wausau Police.  "There's some education that has to go along with it and that's kind of where we are at right now" says Bliven.  Wausau police are working with their public works department to create signage that will alert drivers when they've crossed over into city limits.  Green Bay's proposal is being discussed at a Protection and Welfare Committee meeting.  Alderman Wiezbiskie hopes to have a more formalized plan in place when the committee meets again in another two weeks.