Preble Football Team Moving Past Fire


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Preble Football Team Moving Past Fire

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI- Emotions running high at Preble High School's first football game this evening coming on the heels of a fire that swept through the gym destroying athletic equipment.

There may have been a  little extra meaning to this game in the wake of that fire. However players, coaches, and parents were ready to play football and move past what they say has been a tough two weeks.

But the community responded and these players were more than ready to face the Ashwaubenon Jaguars.

"Just knowing that your community is behind you just has you with more pride in your step while you're playing out there on the field," says Center Matt Kugel.

"Came together as a team and really bonded during that and got everything back together," says Quarterback Dylan Van Boxel.
Once the clock started the lights came on and the bleachers were filled,  it was just like any other game.