Puppies doused in bleach, thrown in dumpster in Fond du Lac

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Puppies doused in bleach, thrown in dumpster in Fond du Lac

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Feb 24, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 24, 2014

FOND DU LAC --  A troubling story out of Fond du Lac as two puppies fight for their life. They were found covered in bleach, one of them inside a dumpster. They're now being cared for by the Fond du Lac Humane Society.

A neighbor was taking out the trash when they heard whimpering. They ended up digging through the dumpster and finding a six week old puppy inside a plastic bag, covered in bleach. That discovery led police to rescue more dogs.

"He's missing his brother and his sister at this point," said shelter director at the Fond du Lac Humane Society, Renee Webb.

The pitbull puppy, named Ike, is the only one found unharmed. His two siblings are suffering from chemical burns. They were found covered in bleach. One, inside a dumpster at a complex on Martin Avenue, the other with Ike, at a nearby apartment.

"There's ulcers not only in the eyes but also the tongues and inside the mouth and we know that the damage goes all the way down into the throat and stomach," said Webb.

The shelter manager says its a miracle the puppies are still alive.

"There's absolutely no doubt there was some kind of abuse going on inside the house," said Webb.

A neighbor--who lives in the building police found the puppies --says he's horrified.

"What did a puppy do to deserve something like that, they have no defense mechanisms at that age," said Josh Baus.

Fond du Lac Police say criminal charges could be filed against a child and parent. They rescued the puppies and two adult dogs from the home. Police say a child poured the bleach onto the puppies. The shelter manager says the two puppies may not survive.

"They have a 50/50 chance in either direction," said Webb.

Treatment over the next five days is critical. The Humane Society says Ike is getting vaccinated and will be ready for adoption soon. They're asking for donations of powdered milk replacer, canned puppy chow and puppy pads to help care for the two others.

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