Police close to arrest in Amber Wilde case


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Police close to arrest in Amber Wilde case

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Sep 23, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI --There's new hope for an arrest in a case that's been cold for more than a decade. On September 23, 1998 Amber Wilde went missing. The UWGB student was 4 and a half months pregnant at the time.

Now, Green Bay Police say they're closer than ever to solving the case. In the last few months, new evidence has come to light and detectives been able to interview new people. But they say someone out there knows something and that's what's needed to bring this case to a close. Amber's family is pleading for that person to come forward.

"You just want to take them and slap them upside the head and say...Pay for it," said Amber's grandmother, Jane Wilde.

Jane says she won't stop searching for answers. She's begging those who've kept quiet for 15 years to give up the information police need to solve the case.

"Don't be afraid to open your mouth and say something if you know something. This is ridiculous," she said.

Detective Lee Kingston recently took over Amber's case. He's been going over all the files with a fine tooth comb, and hopes new technology will turn up a DNA match.

"Reading the case, looking at all the evidence, looking into her vehicle and what was taken from her vehicle," said Detective Kingston.

But he says someone needs to come forward.

"I can pretty confidently say we have a lot of evidence in this case and we have a lot of theories but we're looking for a little help," said Kingston.

And Amber's family will continue posting flyers, hoping the right person will see one.

" We don't give up. We just won't," said Jane Wilde.

The detectives on this case hope to have new information in the coming months. It could take that long for the newly submitted evidence to come back from the state and federal crime labs.