Police Search for Leads in 6 Month Missing Person's Case

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Police Search for Leads in 6 Month Missing Person's Case

By Cassandra Duvall. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

BELLEVUE -- The family of a missing Pittsfield woman is asking for the public's help after six months have gone by without any new leads. 

Victoria Prokopovitz, 59, was last seen at her home on April 25.

The family has done many of the searches on their own, but have found nothing. 

“The sadness sets in and you start over the next day, and it's an everyday thing,” said Marsha Loritz, Prokopovitz’s daughter. 

Victoria Prokopovitz's children are looking for something, anything that might tell them what happened to their mother. 

“It's mind boggling, because you can't shut your brain off,” said Loritz.

“We don't have clue of her anywhere,” said Stacey Deer, her daughter. 

Sheriff's deputies explain they have no new leads.  

“We don't know if she walked away or foul play occurred,” said Capt. David Konrath, Brown County Sheriff’s Dept. 

Prokopovitz left behind her purse, cell phone and cigarettes. She suffered from depression in the past, but her family doesn't believe that's to blame.

“She was not suicidal that day, and she saw her doctor that day,” said Loritz.

“We are at standstill, it's unfortunate for the family,” said Capt. Konrath.

The family pleading for anyone with any information, no matter how big or small, to come forward. 

“I just want my mom back,” said Loritz.

The daughters want people to be on the lookout during hunting season, and report anything they might find.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Brown County Sheriff's Department.