Picking Up the Pieces for a Church in New London


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Picking Up the Pieces for a Church in New London

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Aug 11, 2013

NEW LONDON, Wis.- A morning of healing in New London after a tornado leaves their town in shambles.  More than 50 members of the Trinity Lutheran Church rejoicing after their church was slammed by a tornado this past week.  Today services being held outside as they say goodbye to what's left of the building.

Praise fills the air outside Trinity Lutheran Church in New London, for many congregations members, it's a special place.

"I was married in this church, my children were baptized in this church, it holds lots of memories for me," said Tamara Roe.  Roe has been a member of Trinity Lutheran for more than 25 years.

Despite all the devastation, members of this community say the church is only a building and it doesn't define who they are.

"We are able to say goodbye to that building, but be reminded who we are, that we are still Trinity Lutheran Church," said Pastor Bil Sutlief.

Although it's hard to see the loss of the church, Roe says something else brings tears to her eyes.

"It's been acts of kindness that have actually gotten to me more so than the devastation," said Roe.

People offering to help through food and money donations as well as cleaning up debris.

"The people have just poured out in amazing ways," said Sutlief.

Help that's needed as a congregation rebuilds one piece at a time.

Sutlief says they've salvaged everything they can from the building, right now it needs to be inspected to see if the foundation is still good.

As far as where church services will be held for Trinity Lutheran, Sutlief says watch the website because right now nothing is certain.

If you would like to help Trinity Lutheran Church you can donate to one of their 2 tornado relief funds.

The first is at First State Bank branches and the second is all Wolf River Community Banks.