Partners in Education: Bringing History to Life


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Partners in Education: Bringing History to Life

By Brie Groves. CREATED Mar 4, 2014

DE PERE, WI -- "Famous People Presentations' brings history alive before your eyes. It's a third grade tradition that's been going for almost a decade at Westwood Elementary in De Pere.

"I am princess Diana." It was a star studded event, "Steve Irwin." Legendary Characters from all era's packed into Westwood's gym.

"I'm the crocodile hunter. A crocodile hunter is someone who studies crocodiles. I was born on February 22, 1962," third grader Thomas Walder not breaking character, "Terri and I were on the front cover of Crocodile Hunters." He was just one of many characters taking part in the presentations.

Their teacher, Stacey Derbique says, "The students have been working since right after Christmas break, researching a famous person of their choice and created a display." The students were asked to choose a person from outside the U.S anything from athletes and actors to scientists or political figures. "It makes learning way funner to do," third Grader Bella Bolek chose princess Diana. She explains the icon, "She loved riding horses and I've never known anyone so passionate about horses...and she was so nice to people and I want to be like that."

The students spent months putting together things like speeches, poems and time lines. Derbique says, "This whole project really brings in all different content areas, math, reading, speech, writing and researching. It brings the whole curriculum together."

Not only did the students become experts on their characters lives, but they were able to learn all about their peers choices as well.