Oneida Chairman Asks Tribe To Reconsider OSGC Vote

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Oneida Chairman Asks Tribe To Reconsider OSGC Vote

By Brian Miller. CREATED Dec 18, 2013

ONEIDA, Wis.--  Oneida's tribal chairman wants to the tribe to reconsider a vote to dissolve the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation. The General Tribal Council voted Sunday  to dissolve the tribe's business arm, after it tried unsuccessfully to build a controversial waste to energy plant in several communities, including Green Bay. 

Petitioner Frank Cornelius thought he was victorious with Sunday's vote. But he says his work  is far from over, now that tribal chairman is asking the Oneidas to reconsider its decision. 

"I'm appalled," Cornelius said of Delgado's decision. " I'm surprised because I thought if they were in a democracy, they respect the will of the people."

In a memo to the Business Committee obtained by NBC26, Chairman Delgado writes "the recent corporate dissolution taken by the general tribal council is not in the best interest of the tribe."

The chairman added the process could cost the tribe more than $25 million, while damaging the tribe's business reputation.

"OSGC has been destroying the reputation of the Oneida Tribe and dissolution is the thing that can restore it," said dissolution supporter Leah Dodge.

Chairman Delgado offered a written statement to NBC26. "The Oneida Business Committee knows they are responsible to implement the directive of our General Tribal Council and we are addressing that action. It is also our responsibility to protect the assets of the tribe."

But supporters of getting rid of OSGC say the negative financial impact would be worse if the corporation continues its business as usual. 

No date has been set for the special general tribal council meeting to vote on the chairman's proposal.