Green Bay Police Department Releases Name of Homicide Victim

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Green Bay Police Department Releases Name of Homicide Victim

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Apr 16, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 16, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI-- Green Bay police say the victim in an overnight shooting has died. 32-year-old Steven Sims was pronounced dead at Bellin Hospital this morning.  He died of gun shot wounds.  Investigators say the Sims was the subject of a targeted attack.

Officers say they arrived to the 11-hundred block of Stuart Street just after 11:00pm Tuesday night to check the location, when another call came in stating a 32 year old man had been transported to a local hospital with a gunshot wound.

Officers responded to both locations and quickly determined that the two calls were related.

Neighbros like Lee Lavamaki are on edge.  He just moved into this neighborhood six months ago.  He had no idea what he was about to encounter.

"About one week or two ago there was a bunch of cops down there and there was a threat of a fake gun," said Lavamaki.

This time that gun, not so fake.  Police got that call from someone hearing gun shots last night.  Officers waited until daylight to start investigating.

"We are currently processing the scene of the incident with our investigative team.  We also are interviewing the tenant and several other people that may have information on what happened," said Lieutenant Jeff Brester of the Green Bay Police Department.

Officers say based on interviews they believe Sims and the shooter knew one another.

"It wasn't a random attack like you would see in some of the larger cities.  There's more to the story than just a random shooting," said Lt. Brester.

Police are still trying to piece together what happened.  Officers say they don't believe the public is in any danger.  That thought easing Lavamaki's mind a little.

"The amount of cops that they dispatch makes you feel safer," said Lavamaki.

Police are still searching for the shooter.  They're relying on neighbors and witnesses for those leads.

Officers say Sims died of his gunshot wounds this morning at Bellin Hospital.