Oconto Area Humane Society in danger of closing


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Oconto Area Humane Society in danger of closing

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Aug 16, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI --A desperate plea for help to save dozens of animals from becoming homeless. The Oconto Area Humane Society is running out of money, and the shelter could close in the next month.

The Oconto Area Humane Society took in more than 600 animals last year. The shelter director says if they have to close, stray or unwanted animals in the county would have nowhere to go.

An uncertain future ahead for the cats and dogs at the Oconto Area Humane Society.

"Our fear is that they are going to end up abandoned. They're going to be left somewhere to fend for themselves," said shelter director, Jessica Beaumia.

There would be nowhere for strays to go. The shelter is the only one in the county and relies entirely on donations. The shelter director says other local humane societies don't have the resources to take on any extra animals.

"It's devastating if we happen to close i can't imagine where the animals would go," said shelter volunteer Diana Tiegs.

Families who need to give up their pets would lose a community resource.

"Do they hope to put the animal out for free on Craigslist and trust the person showing up is going to give them a good home? The odds are not good," said Beaumia.

The shelter can stay open another month, but that's it, after losing their main donor.

"We know where the money is going we don't know where it's coming in from," said Cathy Campshure, the president of the shelter's board of directors.

They're fundraising and pleading for donations.

"We hold ourselves together the best we can," said Beaumia.

Hoping the community steps in to save the animals.

The shelter operates on about $9,000 a month. That money goes towards animal care, utilities at the shelter and staff salaries.

If you would like more information on how you can help: www.ocontoareahumane.org/donate/