No Guns In Starbucks


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No Guns In Starbucks

By Katie Kozak. CREATED Sep 19, 2013

 GREEN BAY -- Guns are no longer welcome at Starbucks. "When people began walking into our stores in many places around the country with a gun, you can imagine that customers at large were jarred by that, says Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Tonight, the CEO is asking customers to stop bringing their firearms into the cafe. But not everyone agrees with that.

They're the granddaddy of coffee shops and now they've thrown themselves into a national debate over guns. With that is going to come a little bit of backlash, some boycott talk, and some support.

"I don't really think it's a big deal if somebody has a firearm on them as long at they're not causing a problem."

But that begs the question: How can you tell if there will be a problem before it happens?

"If they have it holstered, I'm sure they're not going to try anything," and "If they've had to go to class they've proven to be safe with it."

It's possibly the most polarized and emotional debate amid recent mass shootings across our country and those who are supporting Starbucks in the move say things like holsters aren't enough.

"I'm hoping and praying that they know how to use it."

Maribel Gutierriz says growing up around here, it's just simply a part of life: people are going to own guns. "We're just so used to it having a lot of huntsmen out there," she says.

But Gutierriz, like many others we spoke to say CEO Howard Schultz wasn't out of line when he asked gun owners to keep their firearms out of the mainstream cafe.

"You're at a coffee shop. I don't think you need a gun to go in there in the first place," says Gutierriz.

The request to leave guns behind is just that right now: a request. Schultz hopes people will honor it, but says the company will nevertheless serve those who do not.