New Documents on Storm Response in Outagamie County


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New Documents on Storm Response in Outagamie County

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Apr 30, 2014

APPLETON,WI- We're learning new information concerning former Emergency Management Director Julie Loeffelholz and her response to last summer's storms. New documents giving more insight into what may have led to her release.

We have obtained new documents given to us from County Board Supervisor Jim Duncan showing a falling out between the sheriff's department and emergency management in the letter the sheriff accuses Loeffelholz of not telling the truth about her response during the august storms.
County Board Supervisor and Chair of Public Safety Jim Duncan releasing this letter from the Sheriff to the County Executive.
Saying Julie Loeffelholz did not know a main communication tower including the tornado siren was down.
Following the August storm she publicly said she did know it wasn't working.
"Having problems with her responsibilities, was not being truthful with us," says Duncan.
In the letter the Sheriff says "her credibility with my staff has been ruined and caused great harm to the working relationship."
A report released last week also says Emergency Management was not in position prior to the storms.
According to Duncan the release of this led to 18 year veteran of Emergency Management Rob Olson to be put on paid administrative leave.
"Pure motivation through all of this has been I don't want to see a citizen of Outagamie County get hurt. Because a siren doesn't go off, because something doesn't happen," says Duncan.
In a news conference on Monday the Outagamie County Executive gave no official reason as to why Loeffelholz was let go. Our calls to Loeffelholz have not been returned.