NWTC Reacts to President's Challenge for More Job Focused Training


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NWTC Reacts to President's Challenge for More Job Focused Training

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jan 30, 2014

 GREEN BAY, Wis.- President Obama is challenging community colleges today to help prepare students even better for the workforce.  He's asking them to be more along the lines of an experience-based tech-college training program and NWTC in Green Bay is responding to that challenge.

At NWTC students are getting a hands on approach to learning.

"The technical colleges in Wisconsin produce employees," explained NWTC Dean of Trades and Engineering, Mark Weber.

President Obama speaking in Waukesha today.  He's challenging community colleges to give students more job-driven training.

"We've got a lot of programs, but not all of them are doing what they should be doing to get people filled for jobs that exist right now," said the President.

NWTC says they are already doing this.  With manufacturing jobs in high demand students in the machine tool program at NWTC are getting a chance to learn skills needed for the workforce.

"They're trying to get us ready to go out and go into any type of machining profession that is out there," explained first year machine tool student, Daniel Fish.

Instructors say they work closely with employers, sometimes getting as many as five to ten calls a week.

"I get employers personally calling me as an instructor looking for employees," said NWTC Machine Tool instructor, Matt Schmelzer.

The machines used in class are the same ones used in the workforce.

"All the skills we're giving them on these machines is going to take them into the job and get them up and running," said Schmelzer.

Programs like this are similar to what the President is looking for in all colleges across the U.S. President Obama is asking congress to fund better programs that connect students with those high demand jobs.