Marinette Woman Could Lose Her Job After Refusing Flu Vaccine


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Marinette Woman Could Lose Her Job After Refusing Flu Vaccine

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Dec 18, 2013

 MARINETTE, Wis.- Heated debate over mandatory flu shots for health care workers has Representative Andre Jacque of Green Bay co-sponsoring a bill that would make the practice illegal.  Right now workers can lose their jobs over refusing mandatory vaccines, that's the battle one woman in Marinette is facing.

Shelia Reed looks at the letter from her employer in disbelief.

"I'm feeling kind of bullied," said Reed.

It's a letter from her employer which she received after she refused a flu shot vaccine require for work.  Bay Area Medical Center in Marinette is requiring all employees get the flu shot.

"I cannot justify putting something into my body that I am not comfortable with," said Reed.

The letter she received states: "As a condition of employment one of the following must occur by 12/20/13.....

Receive the influenza vaccination... or receive an approved religious/medical exemption."

Reeds doctor gave her that exemption.

"All vaccines have what are called counter-indications.  Now counter-indications means if you have something wrong within your body you can't take it," explained Reed's doctor, Patrick Flynn.

Despite her doctor's letter, Bay Area Medical Center still is requiring the fly shot saying quote,

"Bay Area Medical Center has a policy that requires all employees to receive a flu shot as a condition of employment, similar to  many other hospitals in Wisconsin. We take safety of our patients very seriously and this policy is the right thing to do."

Reed has until 3:00 Friday afternoon to get the shot or she loses her job. Representative Jacque says the bill is in its very early stages, but he's hopeful it will be ready sometime next year.