Manitowoc Man Sentenced in Double Fatal Crash


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Manitowoc Man Sentenced in Double Fatal Crash

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

MANITOWOC, WI- A 22 year old man from Manitowoc sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in a drunk driving crash that killed two people. Dylan Karnitz heard from the victims family members who say they are satisfied with the sentencing.

Despite Karnitz's remorse and apologies to the victims' families, the prosecution says this sentence will go a long way in changing the culture of drinking and driving in Wisconsin.

Eight months ago on 9th and Huron in Manitowoc, Dylan Karnitz driving under the influence runs a stop sign hitting another car killing 23 year old Christopher Mark and 24 year old Zachary Gates.
Sentenced to 12 years in prison and 12 years under supervision. He was more than two times the legal limit while travelling three times the speed limit causing the judge to side with the prosecution.
"Those are all very serious aggravating factors in a case like this and I think it's something the court took into consideration," says Assistant District Attorney Bob DeWane.
The defense argued Karnitz serve four years saying he will never harm anyone again.
"He has been in my opinion a model client. He has always accepted responsibility from the get-go," says Defense Attorney Ralph Sczygelski.
Dave Anderson and the rest of the mark's family satisfied.
"I don't want his life destroyed, but he has to pay for what he did so we're happy with it," says Dave Anderson, the victim's stepfather.
The defense says they would be surprised if there was no appeal for this case.