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Major Road Closures at 41/29 Interchange


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Major Road Closures at 41/29 Interchange

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Jun 3, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI- Significant road closures coming to a busy intersection in Green Bay.

Later this month the Shawano Avenue Interchange will shut-down followed by the Packerland Drive Interchange. drivers met with the DOT to learn how it impacts them.

Where Highway 41 meets 29, hard to not see a construction barrel or find yourself stuck behind a semi.

More than twenty thousand cars a day drive through here. So traffic can't get much worse can it?

In a public meeting tonight the DOT announcing flyover ramps are finally opening.

But once they do later this month, Shawano Avenue underneath 41 will close until at least September. Then the Packerland Drive Interchange will take a hit closing until November.

"No access within that 60 days while we build the completed interchange down below," says Project Manager Eric Gwidt.

As for businesses, they have been working with the DOT three years in advance to prepare for this.

"Different temporary signing and different things like that, advertising," says Gwidt.

As thousands of drivers will need to find alternate options until the end of the year.