Local Group Protests Minimum Wage


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Local Group Protests Minimum Wage

By Brian Miller. CREATED Dec 5, 2013

GREEN BAY, Wis.-- Fast food workers across the country are asking for more money.  Restaurant employees and supporters participating in a march and protest in about 100 cities, including Green Bay, asking for a $15 dollar minimum  wage for fast food workers.  

"Fast food workers like here at McDonald's are fighting for $15 an hour and the right to organize a union without retaliation," said organizer Nicole Collazeo-Santiago. 

Shae Sortwell of Green Bay says he found out about the protest and he decided to make up his own sign.    
"I started at minimum wage back on the day but I worked hard and kept working until eventually I'm making 15 bucks an hour and who knows I may go higher I may not but that's what America is about, it's about sacrificing to get where you want to get," Sortwell said.
UWGB economics professor Tom Nesslein says a higher minimum wage would result in higher unemployment among teenagers and other lower skilled workers.
"Raising costs will put them under some stress they could cut jobs or they could cut hours," he said. 
But the protesters insist it's corporate greed that's keeping them from earning what they call a livable wage.