KI Convention Center Expands


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KI Convention Center Expands

By Cassandra Duvall. CREATED Dec 5, 2013

GREEN BAY -- A groundbreaking ceremony was held in downtown Green Bay Thursday, to expand the KI Convention Center.

The $23 million project has taken nearly four years to plan and fund.
This expansion will include 70,200 thousand sq. ft., and a new ballroom and meeting spaces. The new additions will make Green Bay a competitive place for national groups to hold their conventions. 
“A healthy northeast Wisconsin, we have a healthy Wisconsin,” said Gov. Scott Walker.
The additions will elevate the new area over Adams St., and the Clarion Hotel parking lot. The Clarion will be connected to the facility.
The Green Bay Visitor’s and Conventions Bureau has already began marketing the site.
“Our first national convention is booked,” said Brad Toll, Executive Director. 
The National Ground Water Protection Council has booked the KI for September 2016. 
The state of Wisconsin, and the KI both contributed $2 million to the project. Funding also comes from a hotel room tax.  
The new expansion project should be completed and open by the spring of 2015.