Howard Family Worried About Relatives in Phillipines


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Howard Family Worried About Relatives in Phillipines

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Nov 8, 2013

HOWARD, WI- The catastrophe causing concern for a Howard family that has several relatives in the area hit hard by the storm.

Romeo Santiago has a sister in Mindoro and a niece in Cebu, two places in the Philippines hit hard by the typhoon. Right now they are waiting for any reports of how bad the damage is. 

"It's hurt me and its almost, i want to help them, but I'm too far," says Santiago.

More than 70 percent of the population lives in poverty. Marie Santiago, a former foreign missionary, knows what a storm like this can do to the country. 

"There's so many people and so many children. There's thousands and thousands," says Santiago.
Both are asking for people to make donations. Anything helps. 
"Meals for the day for a family, for medical supplies, water," says Santiago.
The Santiago family is working on getting some supplies to ship to the Philippines, hoping to get them there within the next few weeks.