High Tech Helps Shape Modern Day Education

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High Tech Helps Shape Modern Day Education

By Brie Groves. CREATED Apr 24, 2014

Xavier High School uses technology in order to access learning at all levels, expand communication and enhance efficiency. "I mean our life revolves around the internet so we know what we're doing and I feel like we're more comfortable," says sophomore Neeraj Mallissery.

At Xavier high school computers are being used to revolutionize lessons in the classroom, "When we differentiate our instruction we're able to reach top and bottom needs for our classroom." Math teacher Walter Blank says it also allow students to work at their own pace, "You feel good when it isn't your handwriting holding you back and when the student feels good they produce."

There are advantages like being more green, efficient and cost effective,  not to mention it lightens the load for students. "I definitely like that I can carry around a laptop as opposed to a multitude of textbooks," says sophomore Molly Brennan. Plus with the capability to get the internet just about anywhere allows these students the ability to get assignments online. Whether it's vacation or an illness, "They're able to continue doing this with their computer and I can monitor their progress," explains Blank.

The teachers can see the amount of time that student spend on each task as well as the results of quizzes and tests. "I'm going to work one on one more than 50 percent of that time as they hit a hurdle...by the end of the term you have a very close relationship, plus you know exactly where they are." And because the students are not limited to flipping through paper pages, "If you're looking for a particular word you can don't have to go back to the glossary and search it you can just type it in and find it," Molly explains.

Sources are continually updated and there are tools in place to benefit all learning types for students like Molly, "I'm a visual learner so I like the graphs and charts but I know a lot of people learn audiotorally so there might be some recording where you can listen to somebody or there might be a kinisthetic activity so somebody who learns with their hands can use a game or activity to help them."

School officials say another benefit may be cost...the literature on their computers is continually updating...versus purchasing books each year.