Healthier Youth Wellness Program


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Healthier Youth Wellness Program

By Megan Lowry. CREATED Jul 8, 2014

 GREEN BAY--Obesity is a growing problem in Northeast Wisconsin. Prevea Health says Right now 10,000 kids are classified as obese.A new Prevea Health pilot program, Healthier Youth Wellness Program is trying to change that. It focuses on simple ways to adjust your life style. Families in the program will get 12 weeks sessions with a team of health professionals. Pediatrician Thomas Huffer says the idea is to tackle every aspect of a healthy lifestyle from eating to sleeping. "Each session has it's own specific topic one of the more popular is portion sizes," said Huffer. 

Families will also get access to a personal trainer that will go over fun exercises each session. After the 12 weeks, Prevea Health offers 4 quarterly sessions to help people maintain their weight loss. 
The program will start it's second pilot session in July. Prevea hopes to offer the program to the greater public by 2015. For more information on the Healthier Youth Program, call (920) 272-3325.