Habitat for Humanity Helping Vets

Habitat for Humanity Helping Vets

By NBC26 Staff. CREATED Nov 11, 2013

 NEENAH-- On Veteran's day, dozens of volunteers in Neenah from Habitat for Humanity, pounded away to help one of their own. 

The volunteers are all veterans and they came together today to perform upgrades on former marine Bruce Weisensel's home.

The house built in the early 20's needs extensive repairs and the lack of expendable income made that difficult  for the family of four.

 "You learn in the military that you take care of your own and we  have a marine corps vet and it is a real pleasure to come out here and to watch his back, as it were", says John Ewen with Habitat for Humanity.

The veteran volunteers are putting-up new siding, a new bathroom, and they're working on a deck.