Group Marches Against Monfils Verdict


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Group Marches Against Monfils Verdict

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI- Calls for justice in downtown Green Bay on the 18th anniversary of a conviction in the Tom Monfils murder case. He was found dead in 1992 in a pulp vat at James River paper mill.

Dale Basten, Michael Hirn, Michael Johnson, Keith Kutska, Rey Moore and Mike Piaskowski were sent to prison, but in 2001 Piaskowski's conviction was overturned. 

This is the fourth annual "Walk for Truth and Justice" to bring attention to the five men serving a life sentence a murder case that now has the attention of the Wisconsin and Minnesota Innocence Projects.

Clayton Kutska the son of Keith Kutska has been without his father for 18 years.

"My children growing up without their grandpa around. That's been hell," says Kutska.
The Wisconsin Innocence Project investigates wrongful convictions and gets thousands of inmates applying almost all are rejected except this case and a few others. Byron Lichstein of the project says Mike Piaskowski was freed on lack of evidence in 2001 and claims the courts came up with reasons to keep the other men in jail. 
"We know the system sometimes makes mistakes and the important thing is to take that reality seriously," says Lichstein.
Both Innocence Projects got involved in the past year with this case