Green Bay City Council Blocks Walmart Proposal


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Green Bay City Council Blocks Walmart Proposal

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Mar 4, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI- A proposal for a Walmart Supercenter in downtown Green Bay could be in jeopardy.

Green Bay's City Council voting unanimously to approve a downtown mixed land use for the Larsen Green Property limiting the site to 70 thousand square feet thus blocking the big box store. Walmart needs commercial land use in order to build their proposed 150 thousand square foot supercenter. Representatives from the big box store remain confident with their plans.

"We think the plan that we've brought forward to the city is a good one. It meets all of the needs of the downtown district and meets the vision of the area," says Lisa Nelson with Walmart.
"There's still some opportunity to work together, it's just that a downtown superstore is not going to happen," says Mayor Jim Schmitt.
With this decision Walmart would need to alter their proposal or seek another location to build on.