Armed Man Breaks into Green Bay Home with Homeowner Inside

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Armed Man Breaks into Green Bay Home with Homeowner Inside

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Apr 24, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI --There were some tense moments in a Green Bay neighborhood, as an armed man broke into a home. It happened on the 1400 block of Dousman Street Thursday night.

A man wearing a ski mask kicked in the door to the house and showed his rifle. He ordered the homeowner to the ground but she locked herself in a bedroom and called police. The suspect took off from the house, and a K9 unit wasn't able to track him down.

Briana Thixton lives across the street and she was surprised to find police at her doorstep.

"There were eight cops lined up all along Dousman Street and they had asked me, did you hear anything or any cars squealing off," said Thixton.

Thixton says it's generally a safe area, but one other incident at a neighbor's house a couple of months ago, makes her uneasy.

"They said someone was trying to break into their window as well, which was a first for the seven or eight years I've lived here," she said.

Robert Heroux leads a nearby neighborhood association. He says he hopes this is an isolated incident, and says neighbors shouldn't hesitate to report suspicious activity.

"We're constantly looking at the little thing because you never know when that little thing might be something big," said Heroux.

Police say they do not know the suspect's motive or if anything was stolen from the home.

Green Bay police could not confirm to NBC26 whether or not the home was targeted by the suspect.